Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hershey Trip a Go! Informational meeting scheduled for Sept. 23rd.

The school committee recently approved the planned GHS Music trip to Hershey PA, therefore we are set to move forward.
The first step will be an informational meeting on Wednesday, September 23rd. 7pm. in the GHS Auditorium. Doug Bennett from Bennett Student Travel, Inc. will be at the meeting to answer questions related to the trip. Ceil Thurber our school nurse will always be at the meeting to discuss any medical related concerns about the trip.
It is our goal that all GHS Music students participate in what hopes to be a memorable experience in the Spring.

I am attaching the proposal that was approved by the school committee. You will be able to get a good sense of the trip as the itinerary is included along with some projected pricing.

Hershey Proposal

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