Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Graduation Information for Band

Graduation will be held at the Hanover Theater on Friday June 3rd. The Hanover Theater is an absolutely beautiful venue and we are honored to have the opportunity to play there again this year. Unfortunately, space constraints in the pit at the theater will limit participation for band members this year. We will plan to have a group of about 35 student musicians. That list will be sent out in the coming days.  This will give us a relatively balanced instrumentation and numbers that should allow us to fit in the pit.

The schedule for the upcoming graduation rehearsals and ceremony:

Thursday June 2nd
 9am Graduation rehearsal in the GHS Auditorium
Band members performing at graduation will be part of this rehearsal

Friday June 3rd
8am Band students will load bus to go to the Hanover Theater for morning rehearsal
Students will return to the school by 11am

4:30pm Band students will load the bus to bring us to the Hanover Theater for the graduation ceremony
At the conclusion of the ceremony, a bus will return us to GHS (approx. 7:45-8PM)

Concert attire is BLACK AND WHITE!

Monday, May 23, 2016

2016 Memorial Day Parade Information

On Monday May 30th the students of the GHS Band have been given the honor of marching in the annual Memorial Day Parade. Students will meet at the high school at 10am. The schedule is as follows:

10:45am: Buses leave the GHS parking lot
11:15am: Groups begin the parade at Norcross Park to the Commons.

After a ceremony on the Commons, the parade continues to the High School.
12:00pm: J.F. Kennedy School Flag Raising

Students will wear khaki pants/ shorts with a green top. 
We will be boarding the busses at 10:30am to go to the staging area at Norcross Park

It is important that band students have their music memorized or have printed copies and a lyre to hold their music.

The trumpeters for taps will meet at the American Legion Delisle Goulet Post 92 at 7:00am. They will rejoin the band at Norcross Park.

The Memorial Day Parade is a required performance as per our course expectations.

Grafton High School Students will be able to: Understand and demonstrate the duties and responsibilities that come with citizenship

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hershey: Day Two Recap

Hershey Day 2 did not have an auspicious start. The weather was cool and rainy as we ambled out of our rooms towards breakfast. The breakfast food was great, though they had a hard time keeping up with the ravenous pack of high schoolers in attendance.
He weather actually cooperated through the the morning. It was cool and overcast which helped to accomplish two important things: smaller crowd and less chance of heat stroke. It did offer shorter lines at rides like this monstrosity...
My legs are still trembling after that one.
After lunch we headed over to the awards ceremony (cue the rain). Fortunately the awards were in the hockey arena just outside the park.
The groups did very well at the festival. In follow up posts we can get into the details... 
Suffice to say we took home some nice shiny baubles.
And even though the weather did not improve throughout the afternoon, there were still plenty of smiling faces to be found.
One more day to go. See you in New York!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hershey: Day One Recap

Well, it's just after midnight and our first day of the Hershey trip is behind us. We got off to a smooth start, leaving the school at approximately 6am. A quick six hours later we were pulling into Miller's Smorgasbord in Lancaster County PA. Judging by the Twitter poll, students were in need of sustenance  (though I am still not sure how they answered this poll based on their responses...)
The food was excellent and by all accounts the students enjoyed their meals. We next took a bus tour of Amish Country and our guide was excellent. Apparently one of the highlights was the camel sighting...
We did get to making music late into the evening. The groups had wonderful performances and the band even stood clumped together on a hill.
Tomorrow (well, later today) we will be spending the day in Hershey Park. Earlier in the day I tweeted out what I believe to be a perfectly plausible explanation for the founding of the town of Hershey, but I am wondering if the students are questioning the veracity of my story...
Stay tuned for a day 2 update...