Tuesday, August 27, 2013

School Committee Gives Preliminary Approval for Trip

We can start moving forward with our plans for Virginia Beach after last night's school committee meeting. The committee voted 5-0 to grant approval for the trip. We will make one more presentation for the trip when the itinerary and all protocols are fully in place, but for now things look good.

We have set aside the dates of May 8-11 for our trip to the Music in the Parks festival. All students who are members in good standing of the concert band, chorus, and chamber choir will be eligible to participate in the trip. The trip is not a required component of any of these courses, but we encourage students to participate in what is sure to be a memorable high school experience.

As the school year gets under way, we will present more detailed information about the trip (payment info, fundraising opportunities, medical contingencies, etc) and continue to shape the itinerary. We will also be making a call for parent chaperones. If you are a parent and think you might be interested, please let me know. (you would not be making a commitment at this time, I just want to get a sense of interest)

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