Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hershey: Day Two Recap

Hershey Day 2 did not have an auspicious start. The weather was cool and rainy as we ambled out of our rooms towards breakfast. The breakfast food was great, though they had a hard time keeping up with the ravenous pack of high schoolers in attendance.
He weather actually cooperated through the the morning. It was cool and overcast which helped to accomplish two important things: smaller crowd and less chance of heat stroke. It did offer shorter lines at rides like this monstrosity...
My legs are still trembling after that one.
After lunch we headed over to the awards ceremony (cue the rain). Fortunately the awards were in the hockey arena just outside the park.
The groups did very well at the festival. In follow up posts we can get into the details... 
Suffice to say we took home some nice shiny baubles.
And even though the weather did not improve throughout the afternoon, there were still plenty of smiling faces to be found.
One more day to go. See you in New York!

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