Friday, June 14, 2013

iPad Withdrawal

As iPads get returned for their summer check-up, I am hearing of students suffering from iPad withdrawal. You will get through this. 
Here are a few suggestions for dealing with this scary affliction:
  • Talk to your family- they are the people you've been largely ignoring while staring at your iPad screen.
  • Go outside- It is a large space with often fun activities.
  • practice your instrument- For the most part, these do not have to be plugged in, charged up, or returned during the summer for upgrades.
  • meditate
  • singing the blues- This truly American art form was custom-made for dealing with separation anxiety. for example...
Returned my iPad and I'm feeling lowdown
I said I returned my iPad and I'm felling lowdown
Perhaps I'll meditate to reverse my frown
On the bright side, I have been told that by mid-July, you may be able to reconnect with your iPad friend. Watch for updates...

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