Friday, February 8, 2013

4-year schedule templates for Concert Band immersion

The core performing ensembles at GHS are the Concert Band (instrumental) and Concert Choir (vocal). These courses are unique in that they are designed around a 4-year immersion. Students can (and are encouraged) to participate in these ensembles throughout their high school careers.

Often there are schedule restraints that can make choosing a course like Concert Band problematic. I have included a link to sample 4-year schedule templates that can help in the schedule planning process. Students will always have to make choices when generating a schedule, but being able to see options and possible solutions to potential scheduling issues may help. These templates offer a variety of schedules that reflect a range of student interest and academic aptitude.

I encourage students and parents to be advocates for their schedules as this is the daily routine for the high school student. The work day should be rigorous, enriching, and rewarding for each student. An immersion in the Arts offers students continuous opportunities to be challenged, engaged, enriched and rewarded.

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